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IMPACT Your Life

Ending the cycle of violence together


IMPACT Your Life at a Glance

IMPACT does more than just teach people how to physically defend themselves. We teach people how to verbally stand up for themselves to people they know and don’t know. We teach people about the self-defense mindset and talk about body language, support systems, and safety. Taking a self-defense class with IMPACT can affect your whole life, so we thought, “Let’s stay connected and bring IMPACT out of the classroom and into your life.” 

IMPACT Your Life is a joint blog site between IMPACT Personal Safety, SoCal and IMPACT Personal Safety of Colorado. Our stories come from both IMPACT chapters as well as graduates, experts, and many more.


Knowing how to support yourself and others is one way to help break the cycle of violence.






I might have been out of my comfort zone, but I was never out of my safety zone..png
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Share your Story

Have you set a boundary with a stranger? Have you set a boundary with someone you know? Did you take an IMPACT class and want to share your experience? How has IMPACT impacted your life? Please share your story! 

*Please let us know if you want your story shared on the site, and if so, do you want to remain anonymous?

Thanks for submitting!

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